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7 Email Marketing Tips Your School Should Know

Are you struggling to get decent returns from your email campaigns? You hear every marketer and read every blog talking about the amazing potential email campaigns can have for your school.

How much should a School Budget for Marketing?

Before you embark on a school marketing program, you need to understand the true value of acquiring a new student for your school. Ask yourself this; How many new students would I need each month to off-set my marketing budget and exponentially increase enrollments on a regular basis?

Should I Outsource Marketing, or do it In-house?

Many schools and businesses have the resources to manage their own marketing programs, but don’t have the expertise to formulate a Digital Marketing Plan. We are launching a new program where we create the strategy for your team.

Clean Your School Website's Cruft and Rank Higher in Google

Are you constantly adding new content to your school's website? Good! Google loves fresh new content…but they love quality over quantity even more.  . 

How do I start my Digital Marketing Plan?

Chasing buzz-words and shiny objects tends to lead you right back where you started…but with less resources to try it again. School Marketing is an investment in time and money, and you MUST get a return on that investment.

5 Signs Your School Needs a Website Update

Your school paid good money for that website…back when fax machines were relevant. And damn it, the longer you keep it, the better that decision was!  Problem is, there’s a point of diminishing returns, and missed opportunities. So how do you know when it’s time to pull the plug? Glad you asked.

Charter School Marketing Tips

Does your charter school, private school or college rely on phone calls to keep your enrollments up? Are you answering every call? Here's a tip...Answer the phone!

Marketing Automation Example for Schools

I was just looking for a way to simplify our Marketing Automation strategy to a new school that we're working with, and it accidentally turned into this blog post . That was easy....

Live Chat for Schools & Businesses

Newer technologies, and the skyrocketing acceptance of Live Chat as a preferred communication medium has transformed “chatting” into a viable replacement for web-forms and phone calls.

6 Essential Tips for School Websites

Your Website is the Hub of all your online marketing activity, it’s even a destination for offline marketing. Sooner or later every parent or student that you successfully target will eventually wind up on your website.

School Marketing, Digital v. Traditional

As you congratulate yet another graduating class, or say goodbye to students who move on for their own reasons, the business person in you realizes that you need to enroll more students just to keep pace with the needs of the school.

Marketing for Schools: Enrollment Strategies for the Digital Age

Designing a Digital Marketing Strategy for schools can be complex and intimidating. This article is designed as a resource for you to return to over and over again. These are the same tactics that we use to assist our education clients with their digital enrollment strategies.

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