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Designing a Digital Marketing Strategy for schools can be complex and intimidating. This article is not intended so much as a tutorial, but more of an overview of the same tactics that we use to assist our education clients with their digital enrollment strategies.
There is a lot of actionable information contained within this article. There are also a lot of links to additional information. Essentially, there is more information here than can be digested in one sitting.

Our recommendation is to read through the entire article once to get the “big picture” and then come back frequently and focus in on each individual tactic one at a time.

School Marketing Tips 101

Congratulations on sending another young mind out into the world to flourish and be all they are destined to be. You and your staff are passionate about sharing ideas, communicating concepts, and inspiring conversation. Preparing our youth for the rest of their lives is a passion…but education is also a business.
Marketing may not be your thing, but marketing is the lifeblood of any healthy school’s enrollment strategy. Successful school marketing starts with a solid plan, and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Research may not be your thing either, so we invite you to bookmark this article and consider all the different elements of a successful school marketing plan.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy FIRST

Haphazard attempts or a “spray and pray” approach is rarely effective, and never optimal. Your school may have a reputation for academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and the like. But in today’s competitive education environment, most parents of school-aged children are making decisions differently than they did in the past.

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